Litsgroup is known for its Manage It Yourself “MIY” Wi-Fi deployments.

With deployments ranging from Comfort Suites Paradise Island, our oldest indoor Wi-Fi deployment with over 7 years of operations, to Kelly Home’s Center Mall at Marathon (40,000 square footage Wi-Fi coverage) to Doctors Hospital; multi-VLAN, multi SSID network, Litgroup has overcome every wireless challenge to date.

For outdoor wireless deployments, Litsgroup has partnered with Lightning Avoidance Innovators to ensure deployments continue to operate even under these ever so challenging conditions.

Over the years, Lifeline has had the privilege to implement countless wireless technologies ranging from Wi-Fi Megahertz Radios to License Exempt Gigahertz Microwaves to Free Space Optics Light Propagation with the understanding that every technology has its place in this evolving wireless ecosystem.