About Us

Lifetime IT Group of Companies

Who we are, Our Mission and What We Do

Who We Are

Lifeline IT Group of Companies is an Information Technology Firm specializing in integrated security systems. Founded in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in 2012, we are a company not in the business of simply competing with other entities but exceeding client demands.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lifeline IT Group of Companies is to implement measures to transform local markets and technologies into a proactive state from a reactive state while staying in a realistic budget.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

There are countless reasons businesses depend on us as their lifeline. If you choose to utilize our service, we guarantee your reason would be unique

LitsGroup can simulate and demonstate products before you decide on buying it.

LitsGroup supplies Manage-IT-Yourself infrastructures and provides operator training of industry standards that are easy to use allowing you to focus on what really matters.

LitsGroup ensures warranty of any partner equipment purchased with international support if need be.