When it comes to access controls, LitsGroup makes it Personal with Biometrics. We provide access to properties based on one or all of the following:

When access controls demand careful administration of the most legacy form of access controls “Keys”, LitsGroup deploys technologies that restricts access to keys via biometrics; monitoring who removed and returned keys, while ensuring keys removed are the same keys returned.

When access controls demand entrance and exit video logging, LitsGroup integrates access controls with closed circuit television networks for capturing video clips of such activities.

When access controls demand  single entrance and exit restrictions, LitsGroup deploys technologies that can restrict or alert administration of multiple entries/exits.

When access controls demand emergency evacuation with alarm activation, LitsGroup installs secure mechanisms to bypass all other access control protocols.

Access control systems are just as important as your fire alarm and suppression system.    LitsGroup sees the importance of integrating these standalone necessities, for seamless emergency responses.

As it relates to gated communities, LitsGroup deploys contactless RFID stickers for windshield applications to residences that restricts access, which allows for smooth property access.  On the other hand, LitsGroup deploys printable Members Cards that can be issued from a club house Point of Sale system for single entry of information and requires contact cards for entrance and exit; slowing the  process for security personnel to observe the scene carefully.

Whether gate or door access, LitsGroup has done it all and can do it for you!