"Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of [security] it insists on" - Robert Kennedy

Lifeline IT Group of Companies is an Information and Technology firm specializing in integrated security systems. Founded in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in 2012 we are a company not in the business of simply competing but exceeding client's demands. To do so, Lifeline will go as far as possible, including to manufacturers, international consultants, and even other system integrators in the best interest of you the client.

Whether you are a respected international airport, newly established container port, transitioning correctional facility, premier gated community, proactive government ministry, or top class datacentre, Lifeline IT Group of Companies “LitsGroup” insists on delivering nothing but global industry standard physical security based on an Information Technology “IT” platform..

Why an IT security platform? An IT security platform is the only security platform that can evolve faster than the criminal element. Over the last 5 years security has evolved as unified security platforms connected to phone systems, mobile phones, alarm systems, building automation systems, and access control systems they are now layered with predictive security measures such as sensors, video analytics and artificial intelligence.


Wired-Like Wireless

LitsGroup is known for its Manage it Yourself ‘MIY’ Wi-Fi deployments.

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Smart Surveillance

LitsGroup recognizes that in today’s world, Smart Surveillance is a more proactive tool vs reactive video playback solutions.

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Bold Biometrics

When it comes to access controls, LitsGroup makes it Personal with Biometrics and anti-tailgating solutions.

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Revolutionary Research

At LitsGroup, we are always hunting innovation; while aware of local technology dumping, and no stranger to elaborate manufacturer sales pitches.

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