Why Smart Surveillance?

Off-the-shelf camera bundles of the past, they hardly deter crime anymore. A history of poor video recordings make these cameras incapable of clearly identifying persons or vehicles. In today’s world, Smart Surveillance with high definition live and recorded is more about Automated, Quality Monitoring and Playback rather than Human Detection of Pixelated Video.

As a system integration company with over 25 years of combined experience in physical and virtual environments delivering video, voice and data over wireless and wired networks, LitsGroup delivers Smart Surveillance that deters, automates and more. A few examples:

  • After-hours automation of sea-gate for vehicles and humans to trigger visual and audible alarms and redirect Pan Tilt Zoom Camera for security operator to investigate and escalate matter if necessary…. Palm Cay Development.
  • High definition coverage of Super Maximum Courtyard capable of viewing flies on the floor over 150ft away with certified training for operator to manage system independently…. The Bahamas Department of Corrections.
  • 2D Automation of International Departure and Arrival Gates outfitted with laser detectors for 3D coverage monitoring objects in restricted area…..Sir Lynden Pindling International Airport.

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