At LitsGroup, we are always hunting innovation; while aware of local technology dumping, and no stranger to elaborate manufacturer sales pitches.  International trade shows are our second home and out of the countless global exhibitors only a handful may be suitable for local market introduction.

Fortunately for retailers, LitsGroup is not in the business of retail but system integration so the company is never faced with having to dump faulty stock to recover investment.   We are a local system integration company and less an authorized dealer with strict quotas to sell stock, regardless of product shortfalls.

As technologies evolve, LitsGroup can evolve with little to no strings attached.

Over the years, LitsGroup has been able to solidify Ruckus Wireless as the standard for indoor Wi-Fi for enterprises, upgrade the surveillance standards at the Bahamas Department of Corrections and Sir Lynden Pindling International Airport with Avigilon, and introduce the general public to Knowroaming, a Global Sim sticker that has saved locals, including LitsGroup, hundreds of thousands of dollars on international roaming.

As the leading security system integration company in the Bahamas, LitsGroup is known as the firm that has dared to address the unpractical cost associated with monitoring surveillance systems on global cellar networks.

As a revolutionary research company, LitsGroup is known as the firm that has dared to address natural disasters such as lightning with Lightning Avoidance technology that reduces possible lightning damages in an environment with increasing lightning activities.

With LitsGroup, the impossible will continue to become possible through revolutionary research and development.