Lifeline IT Group of Companies is an Information and Technology firm specializing in integrated security systems. Founded in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in 2012 we are a company not in the business of simply competing but exceeding client's demands. To do so, Lifeline will go as far as possible, including to manufacturers, international consultants, and even other system integrators in the best interest of you the client.

From the outset, Lifeline IT Group of Companies also known as LitsGroup operated as a Research and Development firm assessing market security demands and supplying unified security measures. As an IT company with a background ranging from video, voice, and data, wireless and wired networks connecting physical and virtual environments, LitsGroup acknowledged the similarities of local markets' and technologies’ desire to be proactive rather than reactive in every aspect of operation. This subsequently lead to the ratification of the company’s name “Lifeline”.

Considering its extensive benefits, LitsGroup's mission is to turn these desires into cost effective realities provided practical specifications and realistic budgets can be established. As it relates to preparing practical specification, Lifeline can assist with hard specifications prepared by preferred manufacturers or Lifeline can create a vendor neutral specification for you. As it relates to defining a realistic budget, LitsGroup can supply you with case studies or arrange visits of like deployments to provide you with a general budget for such a deployment, while helping you to formulate your desires.

Donavan Paul

Director of Logistical Planning

Felecia Boyle-Bazard

Financial Advisor

Michael Arteaga

Director of Special Operations

Roger Duvalier
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Technical Operations